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A Non-profit School Science Educational Project of STREE SEVA MANDIR
A Non-profit School Science Educational Project of STREE SEVA MANDIR
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Imagine, Invent and Inspire











Creating interest in Science. Affording experience of scientific phenomena.

Developing manipulative dexterity. Training observation. Promoting enjoyment of fun with Science.

Teaching children to handle and operate all apparatus and equipment with adequate care and without fear.
(There is ano penalty for inadvertent damage)














All apparatus are specially designed for the beginner in Science. Guidelines are provided for each experiment, but children must learn only by doing.

In the course of a phased programme spread over the academic year, every child performs about 40 experiments by himself. Experiments are in general syllabus based, curriculum oriented and have a bearing on what is taught in class VIII.

Course completion ceritificates are issued to encourage children to participate with interest.





Prayoga is a Non profit School Science Education Project, to provide pratical experimentation facilities.

At Prayoga Children perform all experiments by themselves under the supervision of trained teachers.

Prayoga is open to students of class VIII from all schools. Registration is through schools only. Batches of upto 40 students accompanied by a science teacher can be enrolled for the academic year.







Force, Vacuum, Pressure, Friction.

Optics: Lenses, Mirrors, Telescopes and Microscopes.

Magnets, Electromagnets and Magnetic fields.

Elementary experiments in effects and transmission of heat.

Microscopic Examination of tiny live animals.

Study of Biological phenomena - Transpiration, Respiration, Absorption and Osmosis.

Making sections of plant parts and studyiong under a microscope. Identification of gases, flame colours, acids and bases. Distillation, Filtration and Crystallisation. testing for proteinds, starch, sugars and fats.