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We live in an exciting age of exploration with more opportunities to make a difference than ever before.

To a mind that is open everyday is an experience and every experience a learning. Every event that we encounter in life offers infinite learning possibilities and it is up to us to gain wisdom or overlook it.

We tend not to realise how great a role of each one of us as teachers and parents play in the making of a beautiful life. ‘A Beautiful Life’ does not just happen – it is built daily with love, laughter, dedication, sacrifice, occasions, respect and consideration for people, animals, systems and things around us. We have the moral responsibility of looking after the children, understanding their personal needs and training them to face all aspects of their life with the right perspective through a holistic learning process.

A holistic learning caters to the all-round development of an individual. Children gain knowledge, imbibe values and get to show-case their talents in various fields. This learning is wholesome and prepares them to face the challenges boldly in their journey of life.

The technological advancement, the social networking and media have catered beyond doubt to the knowledge explosion and have in doing so, exposed the good and the bad deeds of men on a platter before the present-day generation.


Children are sensitive, open-minded and vulnerable. An overdose of this exposure can leave the young minds in a state of dilemma not knowing how to discern between the good and the bad. This wayward state of mind might even drive the child to succumb to wrong-doings due to some compulsions. The need to uphold oneself from falling a prey to such wrong doing is in the hands of this younger generation. A strong value-based foundation needs to be inculcated right from the grass root level. This moral responsibility has to be shouldered by both ends- the home front and school. We need to be the guiding force in mentoring and moulding them to be responsible citizens. This will gear up the children to brave the storms of life and emerge victorious.

In order to ensure a healthier and more sustainable existence we need to work together as a true global community to lead a peaceful existence.

It is a worthy goal that we can all share and work towards to give our next generation ……. ‘A Beautiful Life’.