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JV has accomplished another year of success - I thank the Almighty for helping us reach this milestone.

As we stand on the threshold of yet another academic year I believe it is the right moment to focus on what we need to do in order to tackle our more pressing problems, not only that which concern's our school but also looking at our homes, society, nation and the world at large.

Our swiftly changing planet is our home and it is clear unless we all do something and make changes to our habits and attitudes, we face an uncertain future. The focus is on our children. We hear parents, teachers and elders repeating the phrase, "The onus is on you". We see enormous pressure heaped upon our children. The challenges they face are far too many.

Technology appears to be the most profound changing agent producing social, economic and political revolutions. We have never had more communication tools at our disposal, yet, we find more and more people feeling less connected. There is a great divide. We live in the world of virtual education. We have the potential to produce students who know a lot and have yet to learn tolerance and good relationships. We cannot learn good judgement, wisdom, respect for others and love from the Internet.

The next challenge that our students face is the pressure from outside which is the magnetic attraction in the form of sport stars and entertainers. They have taken the place of Gods in the minds of our children. We see them being tossed by every wind of influence that blows their way.

"Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together" are the reflections of the famous Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent Vangogh.

We need to have a learning society in which self-development and life long learning are core values. In this learning curve, there are bound to be ups and downs but we need to remind our children that we are not prisoners of our past architects of tomorrow. They need to have a vision. The Bible says, "Where there is no vision, people perish."

I strongly believe it is the responsibility of the teachers, parents and society to encourage our children to be good communicators, team players, critical thinkers and motivators with personal conviction, positive energy and self- confidence. Thinking about the future can be a fascinating exercise. What lies ahead of you is a path full of challenges and more, and there is no easy answers or accepted strategies to address challenges. Permit me to quote Roger Crawford who said "Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional". We all need optimism. Generating positive energy in our children's lives is the vital key.

May I encourage the teachers and parents to believe, pray and support their children as they strive to build a better world.