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A Non-profit School Science Educational Project of STREE SEVA MANDIR
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Prayoga is an institution where students learn science by doing. The idea of starting this unit in the Junior School was conceived by Mr. A.V. V. Krishna Rao whom all of us remember fondly as a person of great vision. Thanks to the liberal aid from German Institutions like German Agro Action Development, Boon and a few more charitable organisations, it was started in the year 1977. From that day it has grown very well and today we have around 2500 students benefiting from Prayoga every year.

Prayoga concentrates on imparting conceptual learning of science mainly for 8th standard students, who have by this time have learnt a lot of science without any practical experience. Prayoga satisfies their intellectual curiosity by letting the students operate specially designed laboratory units covering all the fields of science like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Botany.

We at Prayoga have a handful of dedicated teachers imparting science education of students from various schools who come in batches of forty for two hours per session. Most of the days we have 3 batches of students leaving us hardly any time to set up the laboratory for the next batch.

We keep introducing new products for experimentation to sustain interest among students.

However, we find that many schools who want to send the students, are unable to do so for want of transport facilities.

So we have started making the units as portable models and sell them to various schools at almost no profit. These portable units are smaller than the ones displayed at Prayoga so that apart from using in the laboratory they can also be taken to the classrooms while teaching.



IIT, Madras, Physics Department who are interested in promoting science among school going children show a lot of interest in getting some of their products made by us.

We have no profit motive and overhead expenses. This helps us to fix the price of our products at very reasonable level.

Already quiet a number of schools from various parts of South India have started buying these units.

A lot a students and teachers both from India and abroad who have visited us were extremely impressed with Prayoga. Even today after 40 years of running Prayoga in a new concept among many institutions.

It is heartening to come across many who have once been students of Prayoga talk highly of this organisation.

Prayoga has grown well. We have ambitious plans for its further growth. Setting up a small compact workshop exclusively for Prayoga will be our top priority.

We wish to thank the various schools who have been supporting us so far. We look forward to their continued participation.